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BrittanaCon 2014 is only 9 days away and we are approaching epic levels of excitement.  As a way to get everyone as excited as we are, we will be posting some Author Q&A teasers from a few of our attending authors who agreed to do even more work for us in advance!  

Watch our tumblr for a new teaser every few days!  We will be rolling out a private tumblr for members only (attending and supporting) that will have information for the weekend and links to ALL the author responses from the folks that participated in our questionnaire.  They are fantastic, so if you want access to this and more goodies before and during the Con, jump on that supporting membership today!


What’s your favorite thing about writing for Brittana? (Submitted by Lindsey via email)

Crammit: I enjoy being able to show things in my fic that we were either denied on the show or that the show glossed over.  Earlier seasons allowed for depth of character for both of them and it’s nice having the freedom to take that and expand that in my fic.  I really enjoy writing playful Brittana (though I think a lot of my mental imagery when I’m writing that way comes from Heya), supportive Brittana, and sexy Brittana.

Jerzeyredhead: Their quiet moments alone. Not quiet because their mouths are full of…stuff, but those sacred moments where they’ve stolen away, and the outside world can’t hurt them. It’s just Brittana being Brittana.

Cactusgirl329: I love the build-up - the back and forth. The way the air seems charged with electricity when they look at each other. I love the way they can’t stop themselves from teasing and touching. All the small moments.

Gnome: Some of you people are extremely talented. Gif work, fan art, fanvids, episode and character analyses, and the fanfic like wow. The best part about writing for this fandom is the amount of inspiration you can find within it. It fosters itself, you know? A perpetual cycle of awesome. You see a cool photo set and the next thing you know you’re writing a miniseries based off of it.

Huge thanks to all four of these authors who did even more work by answering additional questions for us <3

Can’t wait to see you all in 9 DAYS!!!

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