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All author questions have now been sent!

Most were sent to your fanfic PM (some via email) so PLEASE GO CHECK YOUR INBOX! There is no character limit, we simply ask that you stay on topic as much as possible.  Fanfic had trouble with the email address for your response submissions so drop us an ask or simply respond to the PM and we will resend it. 

Thank you all again for your participation!  Now get crackin on those written answers!!!


***Please reblog and help us spread the word so all the authors get their responses back in a timely manner!***


Anonymous asked:

Are you planning to write anymore fics? Heartwood was so good.

Hello anon! Why thank you for the Heartwood love. So happy you enjoyed it :)

Am I planning anymore fics? Not at this time.

Will I write more fics? For sure. Just no plans right now.

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